Living with HHT Book (signed)

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Managing Your Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia - By Dr. Sara Palmer

Psychologist Sara Palmer, who has HHT herself and is an expert in helping people cope with health conditions, draws on current research as she thoroughly describes the symptoms of HHT, explains how the diagnosis is made (and often missed), and details treatment options. While addressing the medical aspects of HHT, Palmer also reveals how people affected by the disorder can maintain their emotional health, take care of family members, and live life as fully as possible.

Enriched with illustrations, personal stories of people living with HHT, and a glossary, Living with HHT is a complete resource for individuals with HHT and their families. This guide is also essential for health professionals seeking more information about this underdiagnosed disease.

Each book comes with a complimentary Cure HHT bookmark and has been signed by Dr. Palmer.

All book royalties from the sale of these books are donated to Cure HHT by Dr. Palmer.

“A must-read for patients and health care professionals seeking information about HHT, an uncommon disease diagnosis. Families will find answers in this thoroughly researched resource, learn about HHT’s psychological impact, and discover coping strategies for living a long and happy life as they navigate their medical journey.”—Marianne Clancy, Executive Director, Cure HHT.